The Redemption Philosophy

Why Every Kid Deserves a Chance

Research shows that when evaluating young athletes, less than 25% of the players that are identified as “elite” players at an early age maintain that level of superiority throughout high school. What causes that? Does their development slow down or do the others simply catch up? Without knowing for certain, predicting whether a young player will be a good enough high school athlete that will lead to a college athletic scholarship is almost impossible to do.

What's the reason as to why some young players appear superior to others? While good genetics and/or natural athletic ability may be part of the reason, the data indicates that for most of them, they are simply “early bloomers” who got either bigger, stronger, faster or more coordinated sooner than other kids their age. The data goes on further to indicate that when many of the “late bloomers” athletic talents do become apparent in their teenage years; they potentially can become even more gifted athletes than early bloomers.

Despite our best efforts, none of us have a crystal ball to see into the future. So we at Redemption Lacrosse believe that every athlete deserves a chance to demonstrate what they can accomplish when provided an environment of exceptional instruction, encouragement and motivation. A place where players should feel confident to take risks without the fear of being punished for trying and “failing” and where success is rewarded as well believe this provides the best climate for players to thrive and grow.

We believe that as coaches, educators and motivators, our job is not to tell players what they can't do, but rather tell them what they can do IF they are willing to invest the time and energy into their development, put in a sincere effort to work hard and work through the inventible obstacles, disappointments and “failures” that they will encounter. This is the Redemption Lacrosse advantage.

What is it that makes the great ones great?

“We are what repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

Aristotle made that observation over 2,000 years ago and it is as accurate today as it was then. What Aristotle and the other great leaders throughout history have understood, is at the root level; in order to be excellent at anything– whether it is sports, education, or work; we need to practice; not just any habits, but rather excellent habits. We have come to understand that the motivation it takes to practice excellent habits comes from nothing other than desire.

At Redemption Lacrosse, we agree that excellence and winning are a habits and that those habits can be taught and learned– not bought. We know that if becoming great at lacrosse were as simple as being in the company of a great player, more athletes would be excellent simply by “contact.”

Why vs How

Throughout history, young impressionable athletes have always looked at the great players and dreamed of being just like them. Most never even realize or are told what it is that makes the great ones are great. They focus on the "how?" did they do it instead of the "why?" Why is that important? As most successful people will tell you, if the "why" is strong enough; if the "why" is great enough, if there is a big enough reason for the "why", you'll figure out the "how."

"Why" goes hand and hand with desire. If you Google “What is the starting point of all achievement (success)?” you’ll get over 63 million hits with “DESIRE” dominating the search. The “thing” that the great ones have, whether it be in sports, education or business, that helps drive them to be great, is the desire to be excellent at what they do.

It is universally accepted that any young athlete who voluntarily plays a sport has some form of “desire.” But the desire to excel is greater than the desire to simply play. As Vince Lombardi said, the desire to be a “super achiever” has to come from within, it has to come from “…your heart and every fiber of your body”, it cannot be coached into you.

“It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”
~ Paul “Bear” Bryant
How can a coach impact a young athletes desire to be great?

Trying and failing, or worse; being punished for failing can diminish the desire anyone has to succeed. The most successful athletes have failed numerous times during their career, all the way back to their youth. But consider this. In professional baseball, if a player bats .300 for their career, they're considered one of the greatest to have ever played and are voted into the Hall of Fame- yet they tried and failed 70% of the time-2x as much as they succeeded.

Michael Jordan missed over 9,000 shots in his career, including 26 game winning shots, but is one of the greatest to have ever played basketball. Thomas Edison attempted to perfect the incandescent lightbulb 10,000 times before he succeeded. Oprah Winfrey was fired as a television news anchor for being “unfit for TV.”  “Failing” is part of life and our greatest teacher if we allow them to be.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”
 ~ Sir Winston Churchill

Quality coaching understands and embraces how “failing” plays into the development of young athletes and teaches young players not to be afraid to try and fail- that failure is really nothing more than a “temporary defeat” which only becomes permanent when we quit trying.

There is unanimous agreement that we can profit from failure. As a result, we profit from failures when we learn from them and that the only “bad” mistake we make, is the one we don’t learn from. Having a strong desire allows us to overcome failure and not only continue to practice, but to go beyond what the average person is willing to do in pursuit of the excellence that Aristotle spoke about.

We at Redemption Lacrosse believe that our approach to instructing and motivating young athletes is superior to any other training they will receive from any other program. We are committed to treating our players with the same level of respect that we expect from them. We know that athletes compete to succeed and believe in rewarding success, not punishing failures.

Our beliefs, philosophy and techniques are tried and true and have been in practice for thousands of years.  Success leaves clues.  Success can be duplicated……..if you are willing to commit and dedicate yourself to it! THIS is what makes us different!

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